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Photography and photography-related posts by Jorge Luna.

Now everybody can (and does) take pictures.


Está claro que la gente ya no se conforma sólo con ver. Aún menos si están saludando al nuevo Papa.

My project “unread" is being shown in Pati Llimona civic center (C/Regomir 3, Barcelona) until january 10.

If you are nearby you can swing by ;)

Diptic (MX/ES)

This photo was taken on October 4, 2011.

Love doubt as the only certain love

17eme arr. Paris, France (2007-08-11)

(Freedom is the prize) … I call it: Mind control

Walkback on Flickr.

Spotlights for everyone

Hey DJ!

A girl during Calle 13’s concert in Barcelona.

Wax on, wax off. A russian remake of these two from 2007

"It is not important to be the first one but to conceptualize it" -Ferrán Adrià

"Lo importante no es ser el primero sino conceptualizarlo"

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